Verified Users

  1. Verified Users are TRULY for fun
    • We welcome both, verified and non verified users. We understand that people might have their own reasons to not verify, primarily the reason being privacy but verified users at TrulyJolly are the more privileged one. TrulyJolly very carefully verifies users, providing you with a much secured and safe friend finding and dating experience.
  2. So how do we TRULY VERIFY?
    • A three step verification processes is undertaken, providing the safest way to meet a great new friend or companion.
    • First comes the photo verification process. Users willing to verify take a picture of themselves holding a piece of paper with “TrulyJolly” and the date on it, so that your photos are matched up with your profile photos you already uploaded. This image is kept private.
  3. Then comes the actual identification process, we require the users to send in a copy of a photo ID, such as a passport or driver's license, to verify their name, age and identity and also by providing a mobile phone number, which is verified by sending verification code in due course.
  4. You will be treated TRULY Privilaged, when you take the time to become a verified user, you'll also enjoy other great benefits. You'll show higher up in the searches & lists, and other users will be more confident and comfortable in selecting you as a potential friend or companion.